Value ☆ Chicken Course 3500 yen ☆ All-you-can-drink (weekday) 180 minutes / (before gold offering) 120 minutes ※ Each LO 20 minutes
3500 yen

Various banquets, compare also ◎ Cospa full course ★ It is also nice to be able to enjoy in a private room ♪


【Appetizer】 Salt boiled edamame

【Salad】 Root vegetable salad

【Making】 Sashimi 2 kinds of sashimi

【Delivery】 Potato fly

【Simmered dish】 Boiled autumn eggplant

【Main】 Salt-grilled chicken

【Rice】 Cooked rice in season

【Dessert】 Two types of Warabi Mochi